Montenegrin Hotel “Splendid” the Best in the Region

The first Montenegrin 5* hotel “Splendid Conference & Spa Resort” has been voted as the best hotel in the region at the International Tourism Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia. The jury has decided to give the award to the most famous Montenegrin hotel after going through numerous prospects. The fair is very reputable and is being held for the 44th time in a row. The jury was consisted of 170 experts who own and operate hotels and resorts in Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. They have all unanimously chosen “Splendid” as the best hotel.

“Splendid”, “Blue Star” and “Montenegro” (the latter two are 4* hotels) are three hotels who operate under the “Montenegro Stars” brand and they were awarded too with the “Big Golden Medal”. The “Montenegro Stars” company was also awarded by the “Turistička prizma” (Touristic Prism), a tourist magazine. Journalists too have seen what this company has to offer and gave them the award.

The official award presentation will be held at the Serbian Folk Theater in Novi Sad, Serbia on September 29.

The fair officially starts tomorrow and ends on October 2.

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