Montenegrin Forces Join Multinational Medical Training in Macedonia

Members of the Montenegrin armed forced are participating in MEDCEUR 11, the 2011 Medical Training Exercise in Central and Eastern Europe. The event is being held by the United States armed forces at Camp Pepelishte in Macedonia. The training started on 6 June and will continue until 15 June.

MEDCEUR consists of a mix of classroom and hands-on training, designed to improve medical response to emergency and battlefield conditions. The annual event is sponsored by the United States and is part of NATO’s Partnership for Peace initiative.

Montenegrin forces are training alongside forces from the United States, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia.

U.S. Colonel Charles Tedder, the MEDCEUR co-director, stated “MEDCUER provides all of us a great opportunity to build partnerships, make friends and prepare us to face contingencies, natural or man-made, by developing interoperability with our partners.”

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