Montenegrin Ambassador Ramo Bralic: Turkey and Montenegro Have Good Relations

Ramo Bralic, Montenegrin Ambassador in Turkey, told “SES Türkiye” that Montenegro and Turkey had good relations based on mutual support.

“Turkey was ready to support Montenegro wherever and whenever we needed support. Turkey also supported the independence of Montenegro, and was one of the first countries to recognize Montenegro as an independent state.”

When it comes to NATO membership, Montenegro counts on Turkey’s support.

“We are working very hard to achieve this goal and join NATO. We have already implemented the roadmap of NATO, and we have been given the green light to start preparations for EU accession negotiations (June 2012).”

Ambassador Bralic said that Turkey was an important factor for stability and peace in this region. This country has an important role in resolving regional problems. He also pointed out that Montenegro had a very specific status under the Ottoman Empire, and received considerable help from Turkey after Berlin Congress (1878). In 2006, Turkey supported Montenegro once again, and officially recognized it as an independent state.

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