Milija Stojanović’s Art Exhibit in Podgorica (October 14)

An art exhibit by a relatively young Montenegrin artist Milija Stojanović will be opened tonight (October 14) at the “Perjanički dom” in Podgorica (Kruševac). The ceremony begins at 8pm. The exhibit is titled “Anatomija daha” (“Anatomy of breath”).

The audience will be able to see a few old pieces and many new pieces of art that Stojanović created lately — there will be paintings and sculptures. The exhibit will be opened by Ljiljana Karadžić, an art historian.

Milija Stojanović was born in 1980 in Podgorica. He finished his education in Podgorica. He is a member of ULUCG since 2006. So far he’s had 2 solo exhibits and a few joint ones in Montenegro and abroad.

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