Meeting of Montenegrin Defence Minister with His Macedonian Colleague

Fatmir Besimi, the Macedonian Minister of Defence, met his Montenegrin colleague, Boro Vucinic, in Podgorica, on 30 November. Fatmir Besimi’s official visit lasted two days. He also met Filip Vujanovic, the President of Montenegro, and they talked about the positive effects that Euro-Atlantic integrations would have on the economies of these two countries.

They stressed that cooperation between Montenegro and Macedonia was very important, but multilateral cooperation between other countries was also important for the entire region.

Defence issues were discussed, along with other issues related to Euro-Atlantic integrations. Mr. Besimi and Mr. Vucinic stressed that the best way to achieve their goals was regional cooperation. They also talked about the best way to jointly use available resources.

Minister Besimi said that the Euro-Atlantic integrations were a good alternative for all countries in this region. He stressed that membership in the European Union and NATO would be a great opportunity for those countries, and if that happened, stability in the region would be maintained. This would also contribute to stability in the economies of these countries.

In accordance with the “Smart Defence” concept, new initiatives were considered. This would help the countries of the region to use their resources more efficiently.

Minister Vucinic said that Macedonia would have the Montenegrin support in becoming a member of the European Union and NATO. To achieve this goal, Macedonia will have to resolve the issues with the southern neighbour.

Minister Vucinic said he was grateful for the education of Montenegrin cadets in the Macedonian Military Academy. Minister Besimi expressed his gratitude for the training and education of Macedonian pilots in the Montenegrin Air Base.

The cooperation between the two countries in diving, skiing and similar activities has also been announced.

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