Marina Abramović Community Center Obod to Open in Cetinje

The closed OBOD factory in Cetinje is becoming the “Marina Abramović Community Centre Obod Cetinje”. The OBOD factory has been closed for some time and there were no offers to purchase the factory.

The plan is for the location to be a center for film, theater, music, dance and opera productions. A permanent art exhibition is also planned, which will be dedicated to works of art produced locally in Cetinje.

Ms. Abramović says “I believe the time has come to join forces to unfreeze Cetinje and I am ready to contribute personally. I want good ideas to take root in Montenegro and I want Cetinje to become a modern art centre.” Marina emphasized that her contribution to the center will be on a strictly voluntary basis and that she will use her international reputation as an artists to contribute to the promotion and development of Montenegro. Ms. Abramović told the New York Times, “I will mostly be in an honorary director’s role. Like the Bauhaus I want to bring people together from different disciplines.” Ms. Abramović will develop the center in coordination with Branislav Mićunović, the Minister of Culture of Montenegro.

Prime Minister Igor Lukšič has thrown his support behind the project, saying “I believe that through the revival of Cetinje initiated by this and other projects, we are instilling a fresh energy which will thrive on the rich past of Cetinje and will help develop the royal capital in the way it deserves.”

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