Many Seasonal Jobs in Boka Kotorska

In the region of Boka Kotorska, especially in the municipalities of Herceg Novi, Tivat and Kotor, over 1,500 unemployed domestic residents have been employed to work various jobs during the summer season. Of course, just like every season, many businesses are shorthanded even after employing all domestic working force. That’s why many foreigners come from abroad and work many seasonal jobs. There’s been over 3,000 of them in this season. They are mostly waiters and cooks, as those two crafts are very sought after.

Unemployment, although a problem in many countries in the region, is not really a problem in Montenegro, especially during the summer. For example, Herceg Novi has the lowest unemployment rate in the country (6.4%). There are unemployed citizens, but their education level is not really sought after. A problem that municipalities in Boka Kotorska have is that they have to “import” many waiters and cooks during the summer and offer them seasonal jobs and good salary because there isn’t enough Montenegrins who can do those jobs.

“We gave exactly 1,536 jobs to locals in this season. However, we had to bring in foreign working force because we couldn’t find enough Montenegrin cooks and waiters, and we desperately need them. Since our market is open, many foreigners come and get jobs in our country,” said Stevo Lazarević, chief of the Employment Bureau of Herceg Novi. “We issued exactly 3,320 work permits to foreigners in this region of Montenegro.”

He also noted that they are going to do everything they can in the future to try to educate locals. They already started with that — they are organizing courses for the unemployed (120 at a time) and educate them in various fields, so they are able to compete for jobs once vacancies open.

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