Lutrija Crne Gore Signs Five Year Partnership with the Amaya Gaming Group

Lutrija Crne Gore has signed a five-year contract with the Amaya Gaming Group of Canada. Under the new contract, Amaya will utilize it’s existing turnkey systems to provide online gaming and SMS lotteries, as well as traditional lotteries. In exchange for their services, Amaya will receive a percentage of profits from all lottery sales. Amaya provides similar services to the Dominican Republic and Kenya.

Sava Grbovic, the CEO of Lutrija Crne Gore, announced the partnership by saying “We are looking forward to integrating Amaya’s turnkey solutions into our lottery and online gaming service offering in addition to the benefits provided by their managerial expertise gained elsewhere. Amaya has rapidly built a solid international reputation and was able to clearly demonstrate their value. They have laid out a business plan that generates the most significant incremental value for the lottery, and also maintains the highest levels of integrity and responsibility in all operational processes.”

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