Lovro Pogorelić in Podgorica (October 10)

A famous Croatian pianist Lovro Pogorelić will hold a concert in Podgorica at the Musical Center of Montenegro on October 10 (Monday). He will actually be the season opener for this center. After his concert, there will be many other musicians who will perform during the season. The season starts on Monday and lasts until the end of June 2012.

The Musical Center’s plan is to offer their visitors 18 new programs. Among others, many famous classical musicans will perform here: Aleksandar Serdar (Serbia), Jekaterina Maćetina (Russia), William Caballero (USA), Torlif Teden (Sweden), but also conductors like Aleksej Šatski, Bojan Suđić, Ginter Piler, Adrijan Liper and many more.

“Our guest musicians come from the whole world, but also from the domestic market. Our aim which is very important is to have enough domestic music and save it from being forgotten,” said Žarko Mirković, the Musical Center’s director. He also noted that this center will try as hard as they can to promote Montenegrin music and Montenegro in general — they are publishing books and CDs/DVDs and promoting them abroad and introducing music from this region to foreigners.

The main sponsor this year is Erste Bank. Their representative said that they are very pleased to be able to sponsor such a great center and that sponsoring things like these is a part of their corporate philanthropic activities.

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