Lake Skadar Cleanup Assessment Awarded

The Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment has awarded a 675,000 Euro contract to the Swedish company Sweco to create a clean-up plan for Lake Skadar. The project is financed by the World Bank.

Lake Skadar is the largest lake in the Balkans and the home to over 200 species of birds. If properly managed, Lake Skadar could become another significant tourist destination for Montenegro.

Sweco is an international consulting firm with expertise in consulting engineering, environmental technology and architecture. Sweco has 5,300 employees in eleven nations and annual sales of approximately 500M Euros. The company currently has projects underway in approximately ninety nations across the globe.

The environmental concern regarding Lake Skadar arises from an aluminum smelter near Podgorica that may threaten the ground and surface water that feeds the lake.

Sweco is being tasked with three functions:

  • Investigate solid waste, soil, and groundwater at Lake Skadar
  • Analyze the water, soil, and solid waste from the lake
  • Suggest remediation measures and create a proposal for pollution management
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