Croatian band Jinx in Virpazar (September 11-12)

Jinx, one of the most popular Croatian pop bands, will be performing in Virpazar on September 11 and 12. Although they are a band formed in 1993, this will be their first concert ever in Montenegro. They will hit the stage on the Festival of Nature and Culture that will be held on Lake Skadar. The festival will also include other activities like cycling, windsurfing, kayaking, hiking and so on.

Jinx is a band founded in Zagreb, Croatia 18 years ago. They first started under the name “High Jinx”, but eventually ditched the prefix “High” because the fans didn’t like it. So far they have released 8 albums (with “Second Hand”, “Pompei – Ljetna ploca katastrofe” and “Avantura počinje” being the most famous ones).

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