Jasmila Vešović’s Art Exhibition in Podgorica (September 17)

Famous Montenegrin artist (painter) Jasmila Vešović will tomorrow present her new paintings titled “Meditacije, varijacije, Sjene šuma” (“Meditations, variations, forest shadows”). The ceremony will be held at the “Gallery Centar” in Podgorica. The “show” will begin at 8pm.

Art lovers from Podgorica will be able to see over 20 paintings from the “Hermetička šuma” series, but also a few pieces from the “Arabeske” and “Zemlja je zvijezda” series. The ceremony will be opened by Milica Radulović, an art historian.

Jasmila Vešović was born in 1954 in Cetinje and graduated from college in Belgrade. She got her MBA in Belgrade as well. After that, she spent a considerable amount of time in Paris where she worked at Gino Silvestre’s studio. She held solo exhibitions in Paris, Lyon and Belgrade. She currently lives and works in Paris.

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