Italians Very Interested in Montenegro

A delegation sent by the Montenegrin government was in Rome in May this year where they held a large forum. There they presented various investment opportunities to over 150 Italian businessmen. The forum was obviously a success because over half of them already visited Montenegro and made some steps forward. MIPA, the Montenegrin Investment Agency, reported today that Italians are actually very serious and that they are looking to invest mostly in wind energy and agriculture (machinery and other gear).

“Last week we had 3 visits from 3 different companies and we discussed serious business subjects. They are very ‘to the point’ and want to invest,” said Blagota Radulović, a manager in MIPA. He said that a company called Tortelli wants to distribute agricultural gear in Montenegro, while Gamesa Eolica wants to invest in wind energy by building wind turbines in Montenegro. “SKL is willing to invest heavily in the distribution of agriculture and they also want to partner up with some Montenegrin companies,” said Radulović. He also noted that representatives of UniCredit Bank, the largest bank in this part of Europe, also visited them and they want to expand their business to Montenegro as well, after spreading through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

“We want them to invest and they want to invest. There’s a lot of potential and we hope for the best,” concluded Radulović.

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