10th International Summer Carnival of Kotor (1-6 August)

The 10th annual International Summer Carnival of Kotor will be held this year from 1 to 6 August.  The festival will include carnival groups from  Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, and Sweden.  The International Summer Carnival is only ten years old, but it follows a carnival tradition which has been part of life on the Bay of Kotor for hundreds of years.

The festival events highlight Kotor’s rich sailing history.  As such, the events center around feasting on fish and partying with participants from many places.  Thirty-thousand people are expected to attend the carnival parade.  It is an event not to be missed.

The main events of the festival include:

  • Thursday 4 August, 8:30pm: Abrum in the Old City
  • Thursday 4 August, 9:30pm: Fisherman’s Festivity in Muo
  • Friday 5 August, 9:00pm: The Town of Countless Masks in the Square of Arms
  • Friday 5 August, 9:30pm: Feast of Mušulja at the Prčanj boardwalk
  • Saturday 6 August, 9:00pm: International Summer Carnival Parade in the Old City

For more information, visit the Carnival of Kotor web site. See you at the party!

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