“Inex – Zlatna Obala” in Sutomore For Sale

The Privatization Agency of Serbia has announced today that a hotel complex in Sutomore called “Inex – Zlatna obala” (Golden coast) is for sale. The starting price is 22,32 million EUR. The current owners of the complex are HK “Fond Ineks Intereksport” and “Ineks hoteli”, two companies from Belgrade who are both government-owned. They are in the process of restructuring, and therefore the government has put their real estate on the market.

In order to bid and participate in the auction, a deposit of 2,23 million EUR is required. The deposit must be paid until August 23. In order to get the necessary documentation, a potential investor has to pay 150,000DIN. The documentation can be picked up between August 15 and 22 from the Agency (Terazije 23, Belgrade).

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