Hotel Complex “Onogošt” For Sale

The temporary management of HTP “Onogošt” has today officially announced the sale of the hotel complex “Onogošt”. It cosists of hotels “Onogošt” located in Nikšić, “Teuta” in Risno and “Nikšić” in Sutomore, as well as a restaurant called “Šavnik”. The starting price is 35,5 million EUR. All interested parties have to submit their application by September 10th, along with a 10% deposit. The public auction will be held on September 12th at noon in the Privredni Sud Podgorica (Business Court in Podgorica).

Hotel “Teuta” in Risno is the most expensive hotel in the complex — its starting price is 18 million EUR. The second most expensive is hotel “Onogošt” in Nikšić, valued at 10,8 million EUR. Hotel “Nikšić” in Sutomore is valued at 6,5 million EUR. The restaurant “Šavnik” is priced at 20,000 EUR. The applications should be submitted separately for each object.

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