Goran Bregović in Budva (August 7)

Goran Bregović, probably the most reputable composer and musician in the ex-Yugoslav region, is going to perform tonight (August 7) at Top Hill in Budva, a prestige club located on a nearby hill with amazing views on the city. The tonight’s concert is a part of Bregović’s summer tour titled “Campagne for Gypsies”.

Goran Bregović was born in Sarajevo in 1950, and began his music career when he was a teenager. He rose to fame by forming Bijelo Dugme (White Button), the most popular ex-Yugoslav band of all time. He was their lead guitar player and the main composer. Bijelo Dugme fell apart in the early 90s, and Bregović moved to Paris where he pursued a different kind of music — he formed a band called “Weddings and Funerals Orchestra”, which actually plays gypsy music. He also composed a lot of music for various films (most notably those by Emir Kusturica). Lately, he’s been composing a lot for many Serbian and Croatian pop performers, including Zdravko Čolić and Severina.

Up until today tickets cost 12EUR, but today they cost 15EUR (since it’s the day of the event).

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