Georgia Introduces Visa Free Travel for Montenegrin Citizens

The government of Georgia has modified their visa rules to allow for visa-free entry for Montenegrin citizens. Montenegrins will now be able to enter Georgia and stay for up to 360 days without needing a visa. This improvement also affects citizens of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and Iraq. Citizens of the United States and EU countries already possess the right to visa-free entry into Georgia.

This change will aid the nascent tourist industry in Georgia. In addition, it will make it easier for business cooperation between Georgia and these nations. Georgia exports grapes, citrus fruits, hazelnuts, manganese, copper, beverages, and various types of machinery. In 2010, Georgia had imports of $4.83 billion and exports of only $2.29 billion. This change should help to improve those numbers by making it easier to do business in Georgia.

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