Gay Activists Fail to Show Commitment

Activists from the LGBT Forum Progress failed to show seriousness and professionalism by canceling the gay pride parade which was to take place on 31 May in Podgorica.

The gays complained that the government wasn’t doing enough to organize the event for them. They demanded that the government send a deputy prime minister or cabinet minister to lead the committee and speak at the event.

For it’s part, the Montenegrin government is urging the organizers to continue and stating it’s “unconditional support” for the event. The government states that “There is no reason for the cancellation.”

It appears that the gay activists completely fail to understand how activism works. If you want to demonstrate, you have to demonstrate. If you want your demonstration to be organized, you have to organize it. It is ridiculous to expect the government, any government, to step in an organize an event for you.

The supposed “activist” from Progress should be embarrassed by their lack of commitment to the event. Their failure to organize and shameful inability to accept responsibility for this failure is an embarrassment to Montenegro.

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