Filip Vujanovic: Serbian Authorities Pose No Threat

In his B92 interview, Filip Vujanovic stated that Belgrade authorities posed no threat to Montenegro’s independence. Serbia and Montenegro have great partnership relations, according to President Vujanovic.

“Serbia and Montenegro have very good contractual basis … and our communication with Boris Tadic is constructive and good”, Vujanovic told B92 last Wednesday.

Montenegro will support Vuk Jeremic as a candidate for the UN General Assembly presidency because “Montenegro wants to maintain good relations with its neighbors”.

When asked about Euro-Atlantic integrations, President Vujanovic said that Montenegro would not stop working on its priorities and it would also create benefits for the neighbors, especially BiH and Serbia. Montenegro has already met NATO standards and there will be “no slowing down”.

President Vujanovic was also asked to comment on what Andrej Nikolaidis said several months ago. He pointed out that Montenegro’s official policy had nothing to do with the statement made by Ranko Krivokapic’s advisor.

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