Festival on the Other Side (2-7 August at Lake Skadar)

The 2011 Festival on the Other Side Multimedia Ecological Festival will be held at Dodoši by Lake Skadar from 2 to 7 August, while the International Music Festival will be held from 5 to 7 August.

This annual festival features music, arts, crafts, and outdoor activities around beautiful Lake Skadar.  Outdoor activities at the festival will include hiking, biking hot-air ballooning, swimming, and kayaking on the lake. Workshops at the festival will educate visitors about conservation, recycling, waste management, and renewable energy.  There will also be workshops and exhibitions for arts and crafts, children’s theater, film screening, and yoga classes.

Lake Skadar is the largest lake in the Balkans, with approximately 168km of shoreline.  Most of the lake is five to eight meters in depth and the water temperature in the Summer can be a very pleasant 28 degrees.  The lake area is a national park and home to some 270 different species of birds.

Musical entertainment at the festival will be provided by more than thirty bands, including Gilles Peterson, Lollobrigida, Rambo Amadeus, SevdahBABY, Marina Perazić and DJ Fanatik, Luthea Salom, Studio Alektik, Migrations Radio Show, Superhiks, More Like Trees, Aly & Fila, DJ Bahar Canca, Jonty Skrufff, DJ Mark L’ Hat, Favela Chic, DJ Igor Djuranoly, Popi Divine, Sleep, DJ-Chevalier, Beatonics, P.S., Logical Dream, DJ fAckin Yoma, Stamm, MornaR & Margarita, DJ Maraku, cOya, Rex Regis, Marko Latković, Tatcho Drom, Orkestar Tundri, and the Majamisty Trio.

This is a camping event.  Visitors are encouraged to bring their own tents and reserve camping spots early.  There will also be a limited  number of tents available for rent. For more information, visit the Festival on the Other Side web site.

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