Festival of Culture and Nature (Otter Fest 2011) – 10 and 11 September

The fourth annual Festival of Culture and Nature will be on Saturday and Sunday the 10th and 11th of September at Lake Skadar.

This years festival will be themed as “Otter Fest 2011” in honor of the endangered otters of Lake Skadar. The otters of Lake Skadar are of the species known as Lutra lutra, or the European Otter.

Outdoor activities at the Festival of Culture and Nature will include windsurfing, kayaking, boat racing, cruising, fly fishing, cycling, and hiking. There will also be an art colony organized with exhibitions from both Montenegro and Albania. In addition, there will be special activities for children. Musical entertainment at the event will include the bands Jinx and Senkina Đeca.

The full festival program with schedule will be ready by the end of August and we will update this article when that is available.

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