European, Euro-Atlantic Integration and Economic Revival, Top Priorities for Montenegro

Earlier today, Prime Minister Igor Luksic and Romanian, Hungarian, Belgian, Albanian and Portuguese ambassadors to NATO met to discuss Montenegro’s social and economic policies and the country’s plans for Euro-Atlantic and EU integration.

According to Prime Minister Luksic, it is very important for Montenegro to get support from NATO member states. He also reminded the ambassadors of Montenegro’s activities and achievements in implementation of reforms and measures that would improve social and economic stability.

Minister Luksic pointed out that EU accession talks would also improve the country’s position in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration. The country has met the EC’s requirements and now the Government is focused on the activities and measures that will improve Montenegrin institutions and standard of living. The Government will pay even more attention to economic, political, security, defense and military issues.

The ambassadors expressed their support to Montenegro’s reform and integration efforts. They also remarked it was very important to raise public awareness of the benefits and importance of NATO membership.

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