Euro 2012: Montenegro – England (October 7)

Montenegro will play a qualification game for the Euro 2012 against England on October 7 at the Stadion pod Goricom in the capital city of Podgorica. Montenegro is the world’s newest international side that came to existence after the 2006 FIFA World Cup. England, on the other side, is the oldest national team in the world (joint with Scotland they played in the world’s first international football match in 1872). Their Premier League is one of the best football leagues in the world so that makes it harder for Montenegro to confront.
The football fans interested to watch this important match are coming in great numbers. Almost every hotel in Podgorica is booked almost a year in advance – and many of the smaller groups are going to be based at one of the places on Montenegro coast or the towns of Cetinje or Danilovgrad, and traveling to Podgorica for the big game.

Tickets will be on sale from October 5 (9am) at the “Morača” sport center. There will be just 1,000 tickets available during the sale, because the majority of the tickets were reserved months in advance. Each person will be able to buy a maximum of 2 tickets. The prices are as follows:

West C, D 30 €

West B, E 25 €

West A, F 20 €

North (all sectors) 10 €

South (all sectors) 10 €

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