EU: Different Positions Regarding Montenegro and Serbia

Germany seems unwilling to support Serbia in getting the status of a candidate for EU membership, but it seems willing to start negotiations with Montenegro.

The Brussels sources said that this diplomatic struggle could last until the very last minute. EU foreign ministers will meet on Monday to make the final decision. The decision that will be made on December 9, by the European Council, will actually depend on the decision of the EU foreign ministers.

Although most of the member states find that Serbia should get the status of a candidate, everything will depend on the countries that are still suspicious about this idea.

Berlin and Paris have different attitudes regarding Montenegro and Serbia. Serbia’s candidacy for membership in the European Union is supported by France. However, France thinks that it is too early to give Montenegro the start date of the accession talks. On the other hand, Germany doesn’t support Serbia’s candidacy status, but it does support the idea of starting the negotiations with Montenegro.

Serbia believes that the agreement on the border crossings between Kosovo and Serbia will help this country get closer to the status of a candidate for EU membership. The European Union is divided: some member states believe that Serbia should be supported, but others (including Germany – one of the most powerful European states) don’t sound very encouraging.

France is actually trying to get Germany to support Serbia. In return, France will support Montenegro. According to France, if Serbia does not get the status of a candidate, this will have a bad impact on other integration processes of this country.

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