Electricity Production Falls as Demand Rises

The Ministry of Finance is estimating that electricity production in Montenegro will fall 18.7% this year, while at the same time consumption will rise by 11.5%.

The apparent fall is attributed to favorable weather in 2010 which led to record-high hydroelectric power production. The expected rise is due to economic growth.

This will create a shortage of 1,038 GWH, which must be covered by importing electricity. Because of this, electricity imports must increase 41.3% in 2011, to 1.045 GWH.

As economic expansion is expected to continue, the government must decide whether to build additional power generating plants or to further increase dependency on imported electricity. If the government chooses to build new power plants, it could choose to build more coal or hydroelectric power plants, or it could push ahead and build a nuclear plant in the region.

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