Eco-tax for Foreigners Abolished

On a session in Podgorica a couple of days ago the Government of Montenegro reached a decision that the eco-tax for foreigners will be abolished. The decision comes after 2 years of foreigners having to pay the eco-tax every time they entered Montenegro with a vehicle. The fee was anywhere between 10 and 150 euros, depending on the type of the vehicle. After they would pay, they would get a sticker which is valid for one year.

However, many thought that this procedure brought more harm than good, especially the president of the Union of Employers of Montenegro Predrag Mitrovic. “The contribution to the budget from the tax was not that significant”, said Mitrovic. He also said that many tourists complained about the fees, which are very high.

The money received from the tax was directed towards the field of conservation and environmental protection, but that didn’t prove to be very successful. The Government decided that it would be better to abolish the tax to please the tourists than take  relatively small amounts of money from the tax which wasn’t enough for the projects they had planned to do with it.

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