Duško Knežević Announces Support for Economic Citizenship Program

In an interview with Pobjeda, Duško Knežević, the Chairman of Atlas Group, made a case for an economic citizenship program in Montenegro. Mr. Knežević said “Economic citizenship is not a new thing in the world and there are such programs in legislation of many countries.” Strangely, Mr. Knežević suggested pricing the program out of reach for most investors, saying “Comparing to them, I think that the price of a half of a million is too low.”

He then went back to promoting the concept by continuing with “Montenegro must have foreign investments and this is one of the ways to increase our competitiveness compared to other investment destinations.”

In addition, Knežević stated that he would personally promote the program of economic citizenship to his own select group of rich and powerful friends, “Based on all these prerequisites, economic citizenship program has my full support and I will personally try to promote it since I have a lot of friends and business partners from Asia, Near East, Russia, Serbia and other European countries, having direct interest in application.”

Ultimately, limiting the program to only the super-rich would significantly limits its effectiveness.  The number of wealthy expats who could benefit Montenegro far exceeds the much smaller number of super-rich who are interested in relocating to Montenegro.

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