Dragoljub Đuričić (13 August in Kobilji Do)

The famous Montenegrin drummer and composer Dragoljub Đuričić will perform at an event he calls “Cucka jeka” at 7pm on 13 August in Kobilji Do. Kobilji Do is a rural settlement in the Cuce area of the Cetinje region.

Dragoljub was born in Cetinje and grew up in Herceg Novi. He has played with some of the regions biggest groups, including Zdravko Čolić, Đorđe Balašević, the Yu Group, Leb & Soul (“Bread and Salt”), and Kerber. In 1998, Dragoljub founded “The Drums Company” with which he has played concerts across the globe.

In this concert, Đuričić’s band will be joined by Senegalese musician Mama Du and seven year old drumming prodigy Đurađ Đuričić, who achieved fame on the television show Ja Imam Talenat (“I Have Talent”).

Playing in the valley is a spiritual return for Dragoljub, who stated “Playing the world, I always thought that I was everywhere, and have never played in Kobiljem Dolu, where I first heard the most beautiful music in the world, and these are my beloved singers – sheep, goats and cows.”

Admission to the concert is free.  There is limited parking available at the meadow, but van transportation will be provided from a parking area at Trešnjevu, approximately 2.5Km from the concert.  To get a better feel for Dragoljub Đuričić’s music, visit his channel on YouTube.

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