Dirk Lange: The Lessons Learnt from Negotiations with Croatia Will Help in Montenegro’s Accession Talks

“Montenegro will start the EU accession negotiations with 23rd and 24th chapter, and what we have learnt from negotiations with Croatia will help the EU commission in negotiations with Montenegro”, Dirk Lange (EU Directorate General for Enlargement) said yesterday, during the meeting with Dusko Markovic, Justice Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Markovic, the priorities of the Montenegrin Government for 2012 will be to analyze the implementation of legislation that was adopted in 2011, and fight corruption and organized crime. The primary task of the Government in 2012 will be to form a negotiation team. This will be done by February.

Dusko Markovic said that the negotiation team will have a broad structure, and its members will be experts and state administration professionals, coming from expert community, academia, and other civil society institutions.

Another important thing to do is finalize the judiciary reform process. To do this, the Government will have to amend the constitution (in accordance with suggestions from the Venice Commission).

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