Craft Bazaar in Podgorica (September 16 – 18)

Craft-Entrepreneurship Chamber of Montenegro is organizing a craft bazaar in Podgorica which will last from September 16 until September 18. Representatives of the Chamber said that their goal with this bazaar is to enable many small businesses to present their products, brands and services and sell them to a wide audience. “The craft bazaar is supposed to show the possibilities of various crafts and professions and their importance to the society in general. Craftsmen are supposed to present their products and make live contact with their buyers and customers,” said the Chamber’s representative.

The right to participate in the bazaar is granted to all craftsmen and small businesses in Montenegro who submitted an application until the deadline, which was on September 2. Every participant is supposed to pay EUR 50 for participation (if they are a member of the Chamber). If they are not a member, the price is EUR 300.

The craft bazaar will be held at the Sahat Kula Square in Podgorica. Any interested visitors and potential buyers can visit anytime between 10am and 9pm on September 17 and 18. The organizers expect thousands of visitors — mostly locals, but also tourists who have already shown interest. “The Sahat Kula Square will be the center of the world for all Montenegrin craftsmen and their buyers,” said the Chamber’s representative.

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