Comic Book Days in Podgorica (September 29-30)

A library called “Radoslav Ljumović” in Podgorica will be the place to go for all comic book lovers on September 29 and 30. The City of Podgorica is organizing the event in order to promote comic book production in this region. According to the Public Relations Office of Podgorica, comic books that will be presented are Italian, French (Europe) and some non-European ones.  The event is open from 9am to 5pm.

Collectors will be able to buy many rare pieces at discounted prices. A famous comic book producer “Boneli Production” are sponsoring the event and will make many of their best pieces available at great prices. Apart from Boneli classics such as Dylan Dog, Zagor or Mister No, visitors will be able to see comics produced by others (Dark Horse, Eminent, DC, Platinum Euro and many more).

The main presenter is Veljko Baletić, a Montenegrin comic book enthusiast.

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