Closer Economic Cooperation Between Slovakia and Montenegro

“Economic cooperation between Slovakia and Montenegro is not on a satisfying level for both parties involved. Political relations between these two countries are outstanding, but the economic aspect is lacking,” said Filip Vujanović, the president of Montenegro. He addressed a high-profile audience at the Montenegrin-Slovakian Business Forum held today in Budva and noted that Montenegro is not promoted enough in Slovakia and that he will do everything in his power to change this. “Smaller economies should promote themselves in larger economies. That’s how things work naturally.”

Ivan Gašparovič, president of Slovakia, agreed with Vujanović and said that he couldn’t be more pleased with the political relations between Montenegro and Slovakia. “We are very sorry that we haven’t been able to increase the number of business relations between companies operating in our countries. In these five years since Montenegro became independent, we haven’t worked on improving our business relations. The numbers speak for themselves and we are not satisfied with them. To exchange only 7 million euros between our countries in 3 years is really something that we aren’t proud of. The investing segment is the same — Slovakian investments in Montenegro are very small — 1 million euros.”

Gašparovič also said that Slovakia fully supports Montenegro in their aim to become a member of EU and NATO and that they will help in any way they can.

The Business Forum in Budva was attended by many businessmen from Montenegro and a few from Slovakia. “After we reviewed everything, it seems that we can enormously increase cooperation in fields like tourism, energy and construction,” said Velimir Miljušković, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro.

Slovakia is a landlocked country in central Europe. It was a part of the former Czeschoslovakia. It has a very advanced high-level economy with one of the fastest growth rates in the European Union.

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