Chinese Delegation Coming to Montenegro

An official delegation from China will be visiting Montenegro tomorrow and will be staying for 3 days (October 15 – October 18) in order to hold talks with Montenegrin officials. “The Chinese would like to talk mostly about business and cooperation between these two countries,” said Samir Hadžić, a representative of the Chinese-Montenegrin Friendship Association at a press conference yesterday.

“They would like to talk about opportunities to invest and build certain factories in Montenegro — mainly focusing on wood and food industry. Their model would be to build a factory in Montenegro which would export the products to China.” Since Bar and Shanghai are sister cities, Montenegrins think that that fact alone would be enough for the two countries to build stronger bonds through setting up a direct airline link, but also through organizing a joint economic forum which should be held sometime next year. Hadžić also noted that the Chinese are ready to help Montenegrin wood and food producers financially by offering them lucrative loan deals. At the moment, the Chinese have only one active business deal in Montenegro — they are importing 5 million bottles of wine per year from “Plantaže AD”.

Hadžić said that Montenegro should not look further and should choose China as their main business partner. “China is the world’s biggest economy and having them as our partner would be amazing. It is a very structurally polished country where institutions are highly respected and, most importantly, they like our country.” Another field where the Chinese would like to collaborate with Montenegro is education — that’s why a few professors and managers from universities from China are coming as a part of the delegation. They will visit a few Montenegrin universities and colleges and offer a student and professor exchange program.

The Chinese delegation will be hosted by Filip Vujanović, the president of Montenegro, and Vladimir Kavarić, the minister of economy.

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