Charles Bukowski Poetry Reading at Cafe Krug

Tonight, at 8 PM, you can visit café Krug (address Moskovska 44, Podgorica) and enjoy the poetry of Charles Bukowski.

Milica Minic will read the poems (in both English and Montenegrin). The guests will have the opportunity to hear and read some of their favorite poems.

Henry Charles Bukowski (1920-1994), was an American novelist, storywriter and poet. He wrote several thousands of poems, six novels and hundreds of stories.

Bukowski’s works are mostly about the lives of poor American families, alcohol, writing, and relationships. Henry Hank Chinaski is the protagonist of five novels and numerous poems and short stories. Some of the most popular works featuring Henry Chinaski include Ham on Rye, Post Office, Women, Factotum, Hot Water Music and Hollywood.

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