Brits Interested in Investing in Montenegro

The Montenegrin minister of finances Milorad Katnić was invited by the United Kingdom government to officially visit them. He gladly accepted the invitation and already flew to the UK. Today, he held several meetings with UK officials — he visited their Ministry of finances and their Agency for foreign investments. He talked with their minister of finances George Osbourne and their financial secretary Mark Hoben and they exchanged opinions and advices. They basically concluded that, although UK and Montenegro are on different levels in almost all areas, they both share the same principles — they want to be more successful. They also talked about the economic crisis and how to make the situation easier on the citizens. The Brits specifically said good things about the fiscal policy that Montenegro is implementing.

Katnić also introduced investing opportunities in Montenegro and invited them to invest. He said that they are looking for investors in many sectors, but energy, tourism and infrastructure and of the highest priority.

The meeting was very productive as both parties concluded that the relations between them should be on a much higher level and they are going to make that happen in the future.

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