Architecture School in Kotor (August 4 – 14)

A segment of KotorArt dedicated to architecture called Kotor APPS – Architecture School is scheduled for August 4th and will last until August 14th. It will be held in the former prison building in Kotor.

Over 400 experts from this field will participate — architects, but also artists and philosophers. KotorArt’s art director Paolo Mađeli said that architecture can be liberating, but also imprisoning and hard. “We choose the former prison building exactly because of this. We think it has a metaphorical meaning.” Apart from classes that will be presented by architects, some experts who don’t have any connection to this field will participate as well — theater artists, philosophers, etc. KotorArt’s program director Dijana Vučinić said that connecting architecture with art is very important, because Montenegrin architects should design and build from their heart. “The general message that we will try to bring out through this school is that architecture in Montenegro is an important part of the society,” said Vučinić.

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