Apologies for Bill Clinton

My friends here in Montenegro frequently joke about Americans and their famous geographic illiteracy.  They say that Americans don’t know where Montenegro is, or even where Europe is.  I point out that I managed to find my way to Montenegro and we all have a good laugh.

Unfortunately, one American recently proved that some Americans don’t know where Montenegro is.  Bill Clinton spoke at the Balkans Networking Initiative in Budva and was apparently confused about what nation he was in.

Clinton stated “If its problems are confronted in the right way, the future of the region will be bright, including the future of Macedonia whose beauties are breathtaking.”

On behalf of my fellow countrymen, I would like to apologize for our drunken and doddering ex-president.  The least Mr. Clinton should do is apologize and offer to return the speaking fee he was paid for addressing the conference.

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