Apartment Prices in Porto Montenegro at 8,000EUR/m2

Finding an available slot at the the biggest and the most reputable marina for yachts and super-yachts in Montenegro — Porto Montenegro is almost impossible. It is constantly occupied (between 95 – 100%), which means that most of the time almost all slots are taken. The marina can host boats between 10 and 150 meters in length.

Porto Montenegro’s PR manager Danilo Kalezić said that they have expanded their capacity from 185 slots to 250 — because they realized last year what they had then was not enough. Originally, they had planned to build a new dock, but since the majority of slots is taken by smaller yachts, they decided to install a floating dock where they set up new slots. “Our marina attracts smaller boats in particular, so we decided to build more slots for them,” said Kalezić. He also noted that the marina development is far from over. They have already made plans for next year — they will build 120 new slots, which will bring the total number of slots to 370! If you own a boat and you’d like to rent one of the slots at Porto Montenegro, the prices vary from 250 to 500EUR per day. Of course, if you’d like special treatment (“concierge services”, as they call it), you will have to pay more.

Porto Montenegro is a home marina for many boats, so they pay special attention to crew members and captains, because they spend most of their time here. “We try to make sure that the crew members enjoy themselves while they are here. We built a lot of stuff that can keep them entertained. We are currently working on opening a brand new restaurant.”

Kalezić said that so far only 4 hectares have been built on, from a total of 24. “People are very interested in buying apartments in Porto Montenegro as well. The prices are around 8,000EUR/m2 and so far we have sold 85% of total capacity in buildings that are being built and should be finished in 2014. Two buildings were opened a couple of weeks ago — “Tara” and “Milena”. The former is the biggest building so far, with 45 apartments as well as supermarkets, jewelry stores, etc.”

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