Andrea Demirovic to represent Montenegro at the 2013 Baltic Song Contest

The 2013 Baltic Song Contest will be held on the 19th and 20th of July in Karlhamn Baltic, Sweden. This is the first year that Montenegro will be represented in the contest.

andrea-demirovicThe organizers have selected Andrea Demirovic to represent Montenegro. Ms. Demirovic studied in the Department of Music Pedagogy at the Music Academy in Cetinje. Her first public performance was at the festival Suncane Skale at Herceg-Novi in 2002. Her first album, Andrea, was published in 2006. In 2009, Ms. Demirovic represented Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. She performed the song Just Get Out of My Life, which was composed by Ralph Siegel and José Juan Santana.

In the Baltic Song Contest, Ms. Demirovic will perform Odlazim and All the Best. The music for Odlazim was composed by Vladimir Graic, the author of Molitva, which won the Eurovision contest in 2007. The lyrics of Odlazim were written by Milos Paunovic. All the Best was composed by the Spanish team of Jose Rafael Artesero and Juan Santana Rodriguez.

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