Amnesty International Welcomes the Reform of Montenegro’s Prison System

Dusko Markovic, Justice Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, met Anita Brkanic and Sian Johns, the  Amnesty International  experts for Balkans, to talk about human rights, overall justice reform and the prison system of Montenegro.

Amnesty International representatives praised the efforts made to modernize the prison system.

Cooperation agreement between the Institute for Execution of Criminal Sanctions and Non-governmental organizations, which allows monitoring of the human rights practices in the prisons of Montenegro, was just one of the positive things, according to AI experts.

The delegation of Amnesty International was introduced with the provisions of the new Human Rights Law of Montenegro. These provisions are completely harmonized with international standards.

Amnesty International has more than 3,000,000 supporters and activists. The movement is active in more than one hundred and fifty countries. It is independent of political ideologies, governments, religion or economic interests.

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