Aleksandar Pejovic Will Be Montengro’s Head Negotiator

Aleksandar Pejovic, Montenegro’s Ambassador to the EU, will be the head negotiator in the accession talks with the European Union. Montenegro will start accession talks next year, in June, if it meets specified conditions, mostly related to the rule of law.

Montenegro is expected to form the negotiation structure and name the head of the negotiation team. Earlier this week, Igor Luksic said that Montenegro’s head negotiator would be named at the Government session scheduled for Thursday, and that Aleksandar Pejovic was the top candidate.

The head of the negotiation team will start forming the team right after the New Year.

Prime Minister Luksic said that the team should be composed of experts. That will ensure certain constancy, which is necessary – considering the fact that negotiations will last several years.

According to the Montenegrin opposition, the head of the negotiation team shouldn’t belong to any political party.

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