Airline Competition Benefits Montenegro

RyanAir and EasyJet have both expressed interest in providing air service to Montenegro. RyanAir is an Irish discount airline which operates over 250 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. EasyJet operates around 180 aircraft, most of which are the Airbus 319 model. Both airlines excel at providing low-cost service to large numbers of customers.

The presence of these airlines would make tourism to Montenegro more affordable for visitors from the United Kingdom and Ireland. It would help Montenegro compete with Spain as the destination for British tourists and expats. This would bring significant revenue into the Montenegrin tourism industry, along with the foreign direct investment that comes with tourism growth. This could have a major impact on Montenegro’s stubbornly pernicious unemployment problem.

For this to work, the Montenegrin government must support the initiative at all levels. Support from only the top levels of government could leave the project mired in seemingly endless layers of bureaucratic obstructionism. Change is difficult for people to accept, but change is absolutely necessary for economic growth.

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