AgroInvest – Small Investments Create Large Results

AgroInvest is a microfinance institution which began in Montenegro in 1999. AgroInvest provides small loans to micro-enterprises rural in Montenegro as a tool for encouraging self-sustaining economic development in those regions.

AgroInvest’s borrowers are startup businesses involved with agriculture, manufacturing, service industries, and trade. These businesses create jobs for family members and neighbors.

The Microfinance Centre has lauded AgroInvest’s “Village Association” lending model as “original, inventive and replicable”.

AgroInvest has a loan portfolio of 44,892,822€ invested in Montenegro. This sum is loaned to 25,176 borrowers. That calculates to an average loan of 1,783€ per borrower.  AgroInvest loans are not grants. AgroInvest’s parent organization, Vision Fund International, has a repayment rate of 96.7%.

Access to capital, combined with the streamlining of government processes, can help to create sustainable industry in Montenegro’s less prosperous rural areas — improving the quality of life for thousands of Montenegrins.

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