Adria Management Group: A Reliable Business Partner in Montenegro

Adria Management Group is a consulting company that helps foreign companies and start-up companies expand or start their business in Montenegro. Adria Management group provides marketing advice, project management services and consulting services to companies targeting worldwide, regional or local market.


Podgorica in Your Pocket

“In Your Pocket” is a leading European publisher of city guides that covers more than twenty European countries. The city guide will help visitors find accommodation, restaurants, and shops and answer all their questions about Podgorica. “In Your Pocket” has been in Montenegro for three years now. In 2008, online city guides for Kotor and Podgorica were created. In 2010, these city guides were printed for the first time, and there were more than 30,000 readers in the country. This was a great opportunity for local business to reach foreign visitors.

Two issues of  Podgorica In Your Pocket (10,000 copies each) were published in 2010 (February and November). Most of the copies were distributed in Podgorica hotels, embassies, foreign NGOs (e.g. French Cultural Center, British Council, etc.); Podgorica Tourist Board, airline companies, tourist agencies, rent-a-car comoanies, insurance companies, banks, EU office in Podgorica, Tourist Boards of Kotor and Budva, and numerous restaurants.

iPhone application was created in November, 2010.

In Your Pocket Montenegro is a travel website for foreigners, offering free access to the entire content of the website’s database.

UporediCg is an Internet portal where you can compare prices and features of electronics sold in Montenegro. For example, you can find mobile phone models or computers and compare the features and prices.

Montenegro Business Guide

MB guide will provide basic information on Montenegro’s economy and business climate. Foreigners will also find some advice on how to start and do business in the country. The articles will be written by experts.

Montenegro Business Guide will be distributed abroad (commerce chambers, big companies, etc.) and in foreign companies and embassies in Montenegro. The purpose of this project is to help foreign investors discover investment opportunities in Montenegro.

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