Aca Lukas in Podgorica (September 9)

One of the most popular folk performers in the ex-Yugoslav region, Aca Lukas, will be performing at the Mint in Podgorica on September 9. He will be hitting the stage at 10pm. The Mint Club in Podgorica is a high traffic night club that is hosting many popular performers in the folk genre every weekend. After last week’s performances of Neda Ukraden and Boban Rajović, another two popular folk singers, “the king of fun” as many call Aca Lukas will entertain the crowd on the 9th. The cost of the ticket is 10 euros.

Aca Lukas is a Serbian singer who started his career on the riverboat clubs in Belgrade. After many years of performing there he joined the band Victoria as their lead singer. After the band got dismantled, he started a solo career that now spans over 20 years. His biggest hits are “Pesma od bola”, “Lična karta”, “Bajpas” and many others.

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